Leaders & Staff


B.S.A. Venture Crew 1861 Fife & Drum Corps

Civil War Field Music, 1st P.R.V.C.

Officers, Leaders & Staff



Venture Crew Officers elected for 2017-18 


President:             Lyndsey Nedrow


Vice President for Administration:     Brooklyn Sampson


Vice President for Program:     Audrey Salmons


Vice President for Communications:  Lauren nedrow


Treasurer:        Evan Templin


Quartermaster:    Alden Salmons


Venture Crew Appointed Officers & JR Leaders:


Historian:             open


Crew Guides: (including the music leadership positions below)    


At Large:           Elias Johnston


Fife Major:          Ryan Nedrow 


Chief Drummers:  Nathaniel Johnston  (and Evan Templin, Treas.)



Venture Crew Past-Presidents:  


Nick Poletti,  Abby Himmelright,  Matt Howe, and Patrick Cassidy





Adult Leaders:


Mike Cassidy, Venture Crew Advisor

Principal Musician, USV 1st Reg't 

Eagle Scout, Merit Badge Counselor


Emily Barone, Venture Crew Associate Advisor

Sgt, US Army 3rd Reg't "Old Guard" Fife & Drum Corps; Advanced Fife Instructor


Peter Johnston,  Venture Crew Associate Advisor

 Rudimentary Drum Instructor 


Mike Nedrow, Venture Crew Associate Advisor

Cpl, 1st PRVC / USV, Musician -Bass Drummer

Eagle Scout, Asst Scoutmaster Troop 83 - Leola PA


Sarita Ricchiuto, Venture Crew Associate Advisor 

Musician -Advanced Fife instructor


Jocelyn Windahl, Venture Crew Associate Advisor

Musician -Drummer, Expert on ladies' Civil War Dress


Plus additonal BSA trained leaders from other scout units who participate with the Venture Crew as Parents/Leaders



Venture Crew 1861 Committee


Jeanne Herr Cassidy, Chair

Merit Badge Counselor & Instructor, Beginning Fife, Violin & Civil War Camp & Parlor music


Dan Dietrich, Treasurer

Eagle Scout


Mowery, Organizational Representative

President, Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association


Joelle Block, Committee Member

Ass't Scoutmaster Troop 83 Leola


Derrick Rowe, Committee Member

Eagle Scout, Military Historian; Fife Instructor


Dale Salmons, Committee Member

Ass't Scoutmaster Troop 83- Leola PA; MB Counselor



Additional Music Instructors (Crew Consultants):


Bob Slamp, Bugle Instructor; Principal Musican & Chief Bugler, Emeritus, Penna. Reserve Battalion;  Music & Bugling Merit Badge Counselor


*Music Instructors are being recruited. Contact the Venture Crew.




BSA Venture Crew 1861 / Field Music 1st PRVC is part of Boy Scouts of America New Birth of Freedom Council and is a member of the American Living History Education Association (ALHES); PA Reserve Battalion; and the 1st Regt United States Volunteers (USV) reenactment organizations.