The reconstituted

Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps


The modern PRVC Battalion was founded in 2007 as an umbrella Civil War reenactment organization comprised of reenactment companies who desire to celebrate the memory and contributions of the PRVC to our national union, and honor the individual sacrifice of the soldiers of the original Pennsylvania Reserves (1861-1864). The PA Reserves Battalion is incorporated as the Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps, Inc. Most of the reenactment companies in the organization represent units of the original PRVC but that is not a requirement of membership. 

Member companies and their officers in most cases also are affliated with other reenactment organizations like the United States Volunteers (USV), Mifflin Guard, Federal Volunteer Brigade and others.  The PRVC Battalion (PRVC Inc.) under its command structure comes together to honor our heritage, participate in reenactments, parades and community events, as well as, sponsor drill weekends and living history events. 

The PRVC Inc. holds an annual business meeting in January/February, usually in Gettysburg, to elect officers and plan events. Other meetings may be held during the year.  See our schedule of events on this website.


What does the PRVC Inc. do?


* Honors the Memory of the original soldiers of the Penna Reserves (also known as the 30th-44th Reg't PA Vol.) and their families. PRVC is working with Nat'l Park Service Living History Program at Gettysburg and Petersburg as well as the annual PRVC Memorial March around Little Roundtop. The PRVC Division Colors accurately reproduced by the PRVC now flies at Gettysburg events for the first time since 1863. The Colors of the 190th PVI --Penna Reserve Veterans Corps --have also been reproduced by the PRVC for 1864-65 battles. Members Units own their own Colors for their individual regiments.


* Supports its member units by providing opportunities to fully participate in regional and major reenactments. Events from Gettysburg and Cedar Creek to regional unit sponsored events with PRVC support.


* Advocates and assists planning for PRVC scenarios at major reenactments like Crawford's Charge at 154th and 155th Gettysburg.


Join Us and Support the Mission!

2019 dues are only $20 per unit or $5 for an individual membership, payable to PRVC Inc. at the Annual Meeting, or mail to  

                             Gerald M. Stumpff II,  Treasurer PRVC Inc., 35 Templeton Ave., Greenville PA 16125 

 Please include information on your unit. Units must maintain their own liability insurance or have insurance provided by reenactment "umbrella" organizations like USV, FVB, MG & others.  Individual PRVC Inc members will be listed and covered under 1st PRVC - USV


Individual members should include name and email address


 Unit members should Include:

1.  unit name or designation

2.  County(s) and State where your unit principally recruits. (or region like Southwest PA)

3.  Contact information for commanding officer and other preferred contacts 

4.  Number of members by type of reenactors –Civilian, Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Music, etc.

5.  Links to unit website & facebook pages, or contact information that the unit would like to have appear on the PRVC webpage

6.  Please note other affiliated "umbrella" CW reenactment orgaization: MG- Mifflin Guard; USV- United States Volunteers; NR- National Regiment; FVB -Federal Volunteer Brigade; V- Vincent’s Brigade/ 2nd Regt USV; PA Reserve Battalion/ 1st Regt USV,  etc.




PRVC INC Officers, Member Companies, and Contacts

& SCHEDULE OF EVENTS posted  "PRVC Inc NOW." at left