PRVC Battalion (Inc.) Schedule

2019 PRVC Inc. Schedule of Events

(Updated January 18, 2019. Additions and correcttions should be sent to Mike Cassidy at

An event calendar for 2019 PRVC Inc. was discussed at the Annual Meeting on Jan 12, 2019 at the Gettysburg Hotel. PRVC Max Effort Events were voted and indicated below by two stars (**). In addition, Civil War umbrella organizations (e.g. USV & FVB),  have Max Effort Events where heavy PRVC unit participation is expected such as New Market,  Cedar Creek and Remembrance Day indicated by one star (*).

Member Unit Events requesting PRVC support are included. Members may list additional events requesting PRVC support by sending the information to Mike Cassidy and posting on the Pennsylvania Reserve facebook page.

Additional event invitations will be communicated to units as the season progresses.   


March               Petersburg NP Living History **


May 4-5            PRVC Gettysburg NMP Living History at PA Monument **


May18-19          Battle of New Market VA* (USV)


June 1-3            Battle of Phillipi, WV **


June ?               Old Bedford Village (Birneys)


July 5-7             156th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg   


Sept 21-22         Fall Skirmish, Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg* (FVB)


July 26-28         Old Hanna’s Town Civil War Weekend **  40th PVI sponsoring Contact Bob Sidley


Sept. 21-22        Zoar, OH -155th Antietam.*  USV - PRVC units


Oct. 18-20         Battle of Cedar Creek, VA*  (USV and others max)


Nov. 16-18        Remembrance Day Weekend. Gettysburg PA ** *  



( Send corrections and additions to Mike Cassidy at









2018 PRVC Inc Schedule


April 28-29th; Neshaminy State Park, Bensalem PA (w/ Chickamauga Scenarios)


May 19-20; Battle of New Market, VA


May 30-June 3;  Battle of Philippi WV


June 8-10;  Old Bedford Village, Bedford PA


July 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th;  155th Anniv. Battle of Gettysburg with Crawford's Charge


**August 25-26; Camp Maxwell, Grove City Pa. 10th Reserves Hosts this event.


**September 8-9;  Gettysburg NPS Living History at PA Monument


**October 7-9;  Petersburg Nat’l Battlefield NPS Living History. Petersburg Va.


October 20-21; Battle of Cedar Creek, Middletown Va.


**November 17th; Remembrance Day, Gettysburg - Saturday morning PRVC Memorial March around Little Roundtop and the SUV Parade 






January 21, 2017     --Pennsylvania Reserve (PRVC) Battalion Annual Meeting: O'Rorke's Family Eatery & Pub (upstairs), 44 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg PA; 11:30- 3:00 PM.  PRVC Battalion Max Effort Events were discussed and voted upon.  Company Events requesting PRVC Support were also discussed. Units may add events to the company event list by emailing the Secretary-Treasurer at with event, date and time, place/address, fees and registration information, and PRVC unit contact information.

Max Effort Events: proposed and adopted by unanimous voice vote at the annual meeting.


May 5-7         PRVC at the PA Monument Gettysburg -- A US Park Service Living History event


June 30-July 3  154th Gettysburg GAC—9th, 10th and 40th PRVC setup in the Living History section of the GAC event and conduct drill demonstrations and helped with the children’s militia in addition to participating in military drill and battle reenactments. Field Music and Color Guard of the 1st PRVC camped in the USV military camp.  1st PRVC Co. D (30th PV)  camped with Federal Vol. Brigade and joined with the rest of the PRVC Battalion in the "Crawfords Charge" reenactment scenario.

Contact Dave Robinson at


Sept 15-17      Zoar Antietam Scenarios, Zoar OH


Oct 13-15       Cedar Creek VA


Nov 18            Remembrance Day—PRVC Memorial March at 7:45 am Little Roundtop and Grand SUV Parade at 1:00 PM


PRVC Participation Requested & Encouraged by member units


May 19-21       153rd Battle of New Market (some PRVC units attended) 


Apr 7-9            Shiloh TN; Contact Mike Kiss, 9th PRVC


June 2-4          Jerusalem Mills Village, Kingsville, MD  Contact Kyle Sobel, 30th Co D


Aug 18-20       Old Hannastown, Greensburg PA;  $10. per person or $15 per family.  contact Jonathan Richardson 40th PV


Sept 1-4          Labor Day Weekend “Bucktail Reunion and Monument Dedication”, Meadville PA Contact Dave Ritter;  concurrently held with “Muster in the Park”- contact David Robinson 10th PRVC


Oct 6-8            Droop Mountain WV; Contact Mike Kiss






Past Year's 2016 PRVC Schedule of Events


February 27, 2016         -- 2016 PRVC BATTALION ANNUAL MEETING  (Saturday) 12 noon - 3:00 PM;  Quality Inn Battlefield, 380 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg PA 17325 in the Breakfast Cottage 


2016 MAXIMUM EFFORT EVENTS: voted at the Annual Meeting 


May 20-22                    -- *Penna Reserves Encampment at the PA Monument, Gettysburg NMP .  We will also do a march representing McCandless' Brigade  and Fischer's actions  


July 1-3                      -- *153rd Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg Gettysburg Anniversary Committee see  


September 16-18       -- *Penna Reserves Encampment  at the PA Monument, Gettysburg NMP.  Featuring  3rd day's actions of the Penna Reserves 


Nov 18-20             -- *Gettysburg Remembrance Day Weekend w/ PRVC Memorial March tracing PRVC action on Little Roundtop & the “Valley of Death” beginning at 8:00AM, Saturday, November 19th.  Plus SUVCW Grand Parade, Saturday at 1:00 PM, and other events by company.


ADDITIONAL EVENTS WITH PRVC UNIT SPONSORSHIP.   PRVC participation is invited and encouraged.

Apr. 2                     --    Civil War Preservation Ball, PA State Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg Pa (tickets at


Apr. 29-May 1        --  WV Tactical at Perryopolis Pa  


June 4-5                 --   155th Philippi, WV  


June 4-5                 --   Gilmore's Raid   


August 26-28         --  Camp Maxwell, Grove City Pa.


Sept. 2-5                --  Muster in the Park, Meadville Pa.


Sept. 30-Oct. 2     --  Williams Valley School, Williams Valley Pa.


Oct. 14-16             --  152nd Cedar Creek.



Member units who would like to add events inviting PRVC unit participation should contact the Secretary with event details. (Mike Cassidy at

Stay tuned for 2016 schedule updates and event details






Past Year's 2015 PRVC Battalion Schedule of Events


 Jan 10, 2015          --  PRVC BATTALION ANNUAL MEETING  Best inn, Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg


*March 21-23          -- 150th Bentonville NC


 April 17 & 18         -- “My American Cousin” Military Support – 9th Pa Reserves Event, Carlow University, Pittsburgh



April 22              -- Lincoln Funeral Train Commemoration, Harrisburg PA  There will be an commemorative event at the PA State Capitol Rotunda; noon to 1 PM;  Field Music 1st PRVC and Patriot Daughters of Lancaster (30th PVI, Co. B civilians) are participating, others welcome


May 17                    -- 150th Grand Review Parade Washington, DC see   


*June 12-14            -- PRVC Living History at the Pennsylvania Monment, Gettysburg National Military Park


*June 26 & 27         -- "Passing of the Armies" Commemoration of the End of the Civil War, Hartwood Acres, Pittsburgh PA


July 3-5                   --  POSTPONED 152nd Battle of Gettysburg Gettysburg Anniversary Committee


August 7-9              --  152nd Battle of Gettysburg GAC


*Sept. 18-20           -- Reenactments in Zoar, Ohio


*Oct 9-11                -- Battle of Droop Mountain, Hillsboro WV


Oct 30 - Nov 1      -- Locust Grove Farm CW Reenactment   Walkerton VA


*Nov 13-15           -- Gettysburg Remembrance Day Weekend w/ *PRVC Memorial March tracing PRVC action on Little Roundtop & the “Valley of Death” beginning at 8:00AM, Saturday, November 14th.  Plus SUVCW Grand Parade, Saturday at 1:00 PM, and other events by company.


See individual company websites for additional events.






Past Year's 2014 PRVC Battalion Schedule

January 2014 – through December 2014

updated January 2015

January 11, 2014; Annual PRVC Meeting, Best Value Inn, Gettysburg 7:00 PM


April 25-27; PA Monument Living History and Drill Weekend, Gettysburg National Military Park


Date ?;  PRVC Drill Weekend Historic Bedford Village, Bedford PA


July 3-6; 150th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg sponsored by the GAC see


August: 23 –24  Camp Maxwell sponsored by the 10th PA Res. at Memorial Park West Main Street, Grove City


November 14-16; Gettysburg Remembrance Day Weekend w/ PRVC Memorial March tracing PRVC action on Little Roundtop & the “Valley of Death” beginning at 8:00AM, Saturday, November 13th.  Plus SUVCW Grand Parade, Saturday at 1:00 PM, and other events by company.



See individual company websites for additional events.